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Are you a producer of laminate flooring or a supplier to the laminate flooring industry based in Europe and are you interested in becoming a member of the EPLF®?

Please fill in our EPLF Membership Application Form which will be reviewed by the Executive Board of the EPLF® and then put to a members' vote. Non-European producers may join the Association on an informal basis as Associate members. 

Application Form

If you have any questions about the application process, feel free to contact us




  • Companies that manufacture and sell laminated flooring under their own responsibility
  • Have registered offices and production in Europe
  • A holding company can also be a member if a company in its group fulfils the membership requirements
  • Approved with 2/3 majority vote by AGM


  • Companies that are suppliers to the laminate flooring industry
  • Registered office can be outside Europe
  • Approved with 2/3 majority vote by AGM


  • Test or research institutes

Discover the member companies of the EPLF®


  Ordinary Associate Supporting
Membership fees EUR 6,500 EUR 6,500
Admission fees EUR 15,000
Committee meetings
General Assembly
Presentation to members
Vote 1
News Alerts
Market research
Other ad-hoc projects
Sales figures Quarterly Annually Annually


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