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The EPLF® offers useful expert information on laminate flooring for Consumers.


Attractive decors

Laminate continues where nature leaves off. See for yourself! The possibilities of modern gravure and digital printing technology are endless.

The beauty of wood

Wood replications continue to be the most popular decors for laminate flooring. The incredible authenticity is achieved by imitating selected types of real wood with sophisticated replication methods. Oak replications with their nearly unlimited shades have a timeless quality. Variations can be created by subtly altering the natural appearance of the wood, for example whitewashed natural decors or wooden floors with different aged effects. There are also attractive replications of light wood décors such as beech, alder and maple and also fruitwoods or medium-brown, reddish and dark wood decors such as walnut, cherry and wengé – and eye-catching exotic woods such as teak and rosewood. Thanks to laminate technology people can enjoy having these rare woods in their homes without having to fell a tropical tree.


Elegance of stone designs

Laminate flooring also offers the elegance of stone designs without compromising practicality. Advanced technology allows for the replication of fine details and textures found in real stone, offering homeowners the allure of marble, slate, or travertine without the high costs. With the durability, affordability, and easy maintenance of laminate, individuals can create sophisticated and stylish interiors that stand the test of time. This harmonious combination of beauty and functionality elevates any space to new levels of elegance.

Individual style

Laminate is the ideal flooring for creative home ideas. Whether alone or in combination with furniture elements and modern lighting, laminate offers a wide range of possibilities for every taste and style.

Interior Design

Laminate is much more than just a floor covering that is easily laid. Do-it-yourself programmes on TV are always demonstrating the varied, exciting possibilities of this type of flooring. It’s quick to lay, is available in strikingly different variations, and makes an impressive feature in the home, even on the walls. The only limit is your imagination. At the same time, the intelligent development of the technology is continually extending the possible uses of laminate in interior design.




Lay it yourself

If you want to get stuck into the home decoration yourself, then laminate is perfect. Intelligent click systems make it easy to lay, take up and swap extra-long or extra-wide planks. Damaged areas can easily be replaced.

Easy, quick, clean

Few floor coverings are as easy to lay as laminate flooring. However, always refer to the fitting instructions and leave the laminate for acclimatization in the room where you want to fit it for at least 24 hours before laying it. Laminate is mostly made of wood, that is why it has to adapt to the room temperature and air humidity before it can be laid properly. In addition, laminate floors are very hygienic and easy to care for. The hard-wearing top layer prevents the penetration of household dirt and dirt from outside, while the closed-cell surface is very difficult for dirt to adhere to. The EPLF® Technical Bulletins offer comprehensive information on the correct cleaning and care of laminate flooring.

The right laminate for every room

Laminate is a highly flexible solution which adapts to many use cases. Laminate can be used in any living or working area. Manufacturers are also able to offer anti-static surfaces, increased protection against micro-scratches using electron-beam technology and special anti-slip surfaces for use in entrance areas and workspaces. The floors can be endowed with special moisture protection for use in bathrooms and kitchens: A special board formulation and a corresponding impregnation of the top layer reduce swelling, whilst the edges receive a special sealant for protection purposes. Finally, patented locking methods ensure that the joints are securely locked. Thus, laminate flooring can be employed as a warmer alternative to traditional tiling. These qualities enable laminate floors to constantly branch out into new applications, such as commercial and office space.



Made With Wood

Laminate flooring is made of 80% natural products, and mostly consists of at least 65 % wood. It combines the charm of natural timber with contemporary characteristics, making it a suitable floor covering for young and old alike.

Suitable for young children and pets

Laminate flooring is a natural product, which according to a recent study by the prestigious Fraunhofer Institut poses no risk to health. This makes it particularly suitable for young children and pets, who spend a lot of time in contact with the floor.

Sound insulated

Laminate is sound-insulated. Laminate flooring beats all other floor coverings when it comes to footstep sound and drum sound insulation. Special underlays such as cork boards dampen sound naturally.

Noise isn’t a problem anymore

With the right underlay, laminate flooring can make a positive contribution to noise insulation in the interior.

One of the most common reasons why people are prejudiced against laminate flooring is that they believe it’s noisy to walk on. That might have been the case 20 years ago, but nowadays the opposite is true. Modern insulating materials provide optimum protection against footstep sound and actually create a pleasant sound when the floor is walked on.

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