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(Consumer press) Green is on trend! Sustainable living with laminate flooring

2 June 2014

Healthy, sustainable living: requirements for living environments have become more and more demanding over the past few years. With its excellent environmental profile and various other advantages, laminate flooring is the first choice for the environmentally-aware consumer. Modern laminate boards produced by European manufacturers ( are certified in line with strict EU directives, undergo innovative and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, are quality tested to guarantee long product lifetimes, feature a natural design, and offer great value for money.


Laminate flooring is made almost entirely of natural materials. It is low in emissions and helps promote a healthy indoor climate. Hair, fluff and dust can simply be swept or vacuumed away. The boards can be easily and thoroughly cleaned using just a little water and eco-friendly cleaning products. Laminate does not contain PVC and is therefore free from softeners. All components of certified laminate flooring are manufactured without using pesticides, organochlorine compounds or harmful heavy metals. A seal of approval guarantees that the wood used for laminate flooring originates from sustainable and non-controversial sources. The surface designs are printed on certified paper using water-soluble inks. Only eco-friendly resins and adhesives are used as binders, while the packaging consists mainly of recycled cardboard boxes. Laminate promotes a healthy indoor environment while offering infinite creative possibilities, providing something to suit everyone's taste. This means that styles can be created that would not otherwise be available on the market due to limited resources of natural timbers. Modern manufacturing technology ensures that the feel of laminate decor is barely distinguishable from that of traditional natural wood or stone floors. The textured surfaces of the boards perfectly match their design effects. For example, the pores, cracks and knotholes can be seen and even clearly felt in stylish boards with a rustic oak appearance.

Long-lasting and completely recyclable

The durability of laminate flooring provides yet another advantage as concerns its sustainability. Even after years of use, laminate flooring maintains its shape and looks as good as the day it was bought. If the boards need to be replaced when moving house, they can be removed easily using their practical click system, and can be disposed of as non-hazardous residual waste or recycled. Last but not least, the development of sustainable products comes under the manufacturer's social responsibility. This may include collaboration with regional suppliers, appropriate pay for employees, observance of occupational health and safety regulations, avoidance of child labour and various others. More and more customers are enquiring after these and other aspects, and European laminate flooring manufacturers are setting a good example. – This is yet another good reason to consider laminate when choosing your desired flooring.

Image captions

elnd1409_b1: Healthy, sustainable homes: laminate flooring has an excellent environmental profile. – Photo: Parador

elnd1409_b2: Stylish laminate flooring with the appearance of rustic boards: in these boards, you can clearly feel the pores, cracks and knotholes. – Photo: MeisterWerke

elnd1409_b3: Another advantage in terms of sustainability: even after years of use, the long-lasting laminate boards maintain their shape and look as good as the day they were bought. – Photo: wineo

elnd1409_b4: European-quality laminate flooring is easy to care for and low in emissions. It helps promote a healthy indoor climate. – Photo: Unilin

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