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(Consumer press) Grey and beige tones as trendsetters Rustic laminate floors with texture

8 May 2014

European laminate flooring manufacturers are kicking off the new laminate flooring season with a wealth of creative decoration ideas. The current collection was presented at the Domotex international flooring trade show in January. Light and medium earth tones like "greige" are now the order of the day for flooring, while larger and wider sizes are bang on trend. Modern yet rustic laminated boards also appeal with their distinctly tactile textured surfaces, authentically installed using innovative synchronisation technology.


"Rusticity" remains the key theme in current laminate flooring ranges. Oak continues to dominate wood decors with its almost inexhaustible decorative potential, from white-washed to smoked. Yet floors with the appearance of delicately-grained ash, walnut or elm, or rich softwoods such as spruce and larch, are also rapidly gaining in popularity. Dark colours have seen a slight decline, with the new floors of European laminate manufacturers ( instead presenting a varied spectrum of natural grey and beige tones – a top trend that originated in the field of interior decor and which is now taking international flooring markets by storm.

A range of new looks from A to Z

A considerable amount of laminate wood decor no longer appears in its "natural" version, but rather with a discreet white or grey haze. The rustic "used look" appears in several varieties of products, from construction timber styles with imitation cement traces, to flooring that feels brushed, planed or freshly sanded. Ultra-modern synchro-pore printing enables the authentic transfer of a wide variety of structures, from fine veins and pores to deep, distinctive knots. This rustic nature particularly comes into its own in the new rural-style wooden floorboard collections, with their large floorboard sizes. With such a wide selection of new, attractive decors, there is bound to be something to suit everyone's taste. Bring on the new laminate flooring season! 


elnd1406_b1: Rusticity remains the key: Light or medium earth tones and tactile textures are the trendsetters in the new laminate flooring collections. – Photo: MEISTER

elnd1406_b2: A considerable amount of laminate wood decor appears with a discreet white or grey haze. – Photo: wineo

elnd1406_b3: Construction timber styles are a real hit: European laminate flooring manufacturers offer various decors in the fashionable used look. – Photo: Kaindl

elnd1406_b4: Rustic laminate floors with texture: from fine veins and pores to deep, distinctive knots. – Photo: HARO – Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG

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