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(Consumer press) XXL laminate boards Large sizes for a truly rustic feel

14 August 2014

For those wishing to create a cosy atmosphere with a modern country style, laminate flooring is by far the top choice of consumers. Plank floors (1-strip) in extra-long sizes of two or more metres are gaining in popularity. They create a feeling of spaciousness and provide an attractive appearance. This effect is particularly striking when authentic wood-effect colours and textures are used. With their smart click system, these XXL boards can be laid quickly and easily.


The quality of the long boards can often be observed just by looking at the design effects. Whether designed to resemble oak, maple, ash, spruce or walnut, high-quality, certified European-made laminate flooring does not display undesirable repetition even in extra-long single-plank boards. Each of the floorboards thus looks completely natural.

Long laminate boards that comply with EU guidelines are clearly labelled with the CE mark and other labels on their packaging. The recognised seals of approval guarantee customers an eco-friendly, long-lasting, good-quality flooring with a high standard of design: the high-tech printing processes used ensure that the look and feel of the laminate are perfectly coordinated. The individual grains, knots, pores and cracks in the various wood effects can be seen and felt in the surface, which features an accurate depth effect. V-grooves along the edges help enhance this effect. If a vintage look is desired, the flooring can include impressively authentic-looking wear or machining marks, e.g. sawn, brushed or sanded effects.

The long boards manufactured by European laminate flooring producers ( also feature state-of-the-art installation technology; their practical fold down system means that boards can be easily placed together using their longitudinal grooves. This method is quick and safe – even for larger sizes. This connection method, when used together with properly laid underlay, ensures that your laminate flooring remains looking as good as the day it was bought, even after years of use. And if the boards need to be replaced when moving house or renovating, they can be just as easily removed using the click system.

Image captions
elnd1410_b1: A feeling of spaciousness: laminate boards in longer, wider sizes are gaining in popularity. – Photo: Kronotex
elnd1410_b2: Authentic wood effects are particularly striking in XXL sizes. – Photo: HARO
elnd1410_b3: Bang on trend: large country-style planks with a tangibly rustic feel. – Photo: Meister
elnd1410_b4: High-quality laminate designs provide an entirely realistic appearance. – Photo: Wineo
elnd1410_b5: The safe click system ensures that your long laminate boards keep looking as good as the day they were bought, for longer-lasting attractive flooring. – Photo: Egger

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