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Decorative, durable, easy to maintain - Topic: Attributes of Laminate Flooring

12 September 1998

Laminate Flooring - the right Decision for your Floors

You have built your own home, the roof is completed, all walls are rendered and the subfloor is in place. Everything is spot on. The painter is already knocking on the door, but you still have not decided which flooring you would want to put in. Most important, the flooring has to be good looking, durable and easy to maintain, not to forget it should have a long lifetime. Laminate flooring fulfils these expectations. Nearly no other flooring offers so many advantages like laminate flooring. It can be used universally and makes your house a home. By the way: laminate flooring is not only 'tops' in newly built dwellings but also graces every refurbishment.

A variety of attractive decors enables you to realize your individual interior design ideas. Wood-grain reproductions are very much en vogue especially in light tones, like beech, maple or ash. Reproductions featuring more reddish wood varieties like mahogany or cherry are increasingly favored. There isn't one design idea you cannot fulfil with laminate flooring. Wood-grains, rock formations, ceramic or cork are directions to choose from, or if feel you to go even further, fantasy designs are available in such a great variety. The best overview of available products you will find viewing the catalogues of the manufacturers.

Protected against red Wine spilling and Nail Polish

Laminate floorings are far more durable than many other floorings. Regardless if red wine, shoe paste or nail polish - nothing bothers laminate flooring, even burning cigarettes leave it 'ice-cold'! Laminate flooring is non-fading, resistant against impact, scratches, abrasion, and hence always beautiful for many years to come. But please take care! One laminate flooring does not equal any other laminate flooring, because there are so many quality levels. Branded products from well-known manufacturers offer safety and comfort. This is why the leading manufacturers of Europe have founded an association called the Association of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF e.V.). Modern brands of laminate flooring can be used in a living environment as well as in projects and commercial areas. Pictorials on the packaging indicate clear, which product should used for which purpose, highlighting the durability classification suiting your specific purpose.

The simple handling enables the handyman, to lay his laminate flooring himself. Most of the product offered through the trade carry easy to understand manuals. And nearly no other flooring is so easy to maintain like laminate flooring: just hoover, sweep or wipe.... - finished! A damp towel will clean the flooring from all dirt because of its smooth surface. The EPLF brochure 'Cleaning and care of laminate floorings in the home' gives you an additional number of helpful hints.

Just like Mother Nature

Laminate flooring is not only easy to clean and extremely durable, but also environmentally friendly. A survey of the Fraunhofer Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institute for Timber Research in Braunschweig (Germany) comes to the conclusion that laminate flooring can also be used in sensitive areas like children's rooms or kindergartens. In all of Germany, but also in many other European countries, distributed products are subject to the E1-ruling, meaning that emission limits defined by law cannot be violated. These products have to be chloride- and PVC-free, and are not allowed to contain any wood preservatives; subsequently they carry absolutely no health risk at all. Laminate flooring is just offering more!

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