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(End user title) A personal touch for any home Individual designs created from laminate

3 June 2015

Taste is an expression of individuality – this also applies to the style of our own homes. The choice of floor covering alone can have a significant impact on the character of a room. There is creative scope for playing around with size, colour and texture – should the flooring design be co-ordinated in harmony with the furnishings, or should it be deliberately contrasted with the wall colour or furniture, creating its own accents? Should it be slightly elegant or more rustic? Whatever suits your taste – high-quality laminate is the ideal choice for putting your own flooring ideas into practice to convey a strong personal message.


Anyone wishing to create a really personal living ambiance has an abundance of styles to draw on: with the look of wood, stone and textile, or with a creative finish, the variety of laminates on the market is huge. A choice of shades ranging from very light through to dark, a high-quality surface finish ranging from high gloss through to matt effects and added to that, tactile surface textures matched to the decor. All of this combines to give the impression of a laminate floor that both looks and feels impeccable.

Whatever the size and purpose of the room, there is always a suitable plank in the selection. The options are endless – from narrow to wide, from tiled to classic ship’s decking or extra-long chateau planks. Rustic-style planks in long and broad sizes are very fashionable right now; they open up a whole new world of design possibilities. When laid crossways, these extra-large planks create the appearance of a much larger room.    

The most versatile of all laminate wood effects is oak. Depending on the style and whether it has a light, mid-range or dark colour scheme, it can appear elegantly reserved or decidedly rustic. Knots and pores can be perfectly replicated on the surface of the planks, and texture and depth is achieved through the use of innovative 3D printing techniques. Variations can be created by manipulating natural decors, giving rise to a white limewashed look, for instance, or a subtle grey haze or even a wood decor with “wear marks” for character.

Trendy oak decors in greige, light beige, creme or warm light-grey shades combine beautifully with timeless furnishings and light colours. But the wood effects in beech, alder, maple, spruce and fruitwood also look truly authentic. To add a touch of style to a room, mid-brown or dark wood decors such as walnut, larch, olive and wenge can be used – or particularly extravagant and exotic woods such as teak or palisander. As a result of laminate technology, even rare woods like these can be enjoyed at home without a single tropical tree having to be felled.

It doesn’t always have to look like wood, however, because the innovative techniques used in laminate manufacture open up such an incredible variety of products. To give just a few examples: laminate tiles with the appearance of terracotta, slate, marble, granite, concrete or with a metallic look. Creative decors incorporating design elements such as sacks of coffee, wine cases or canvas are becoming ever more popular as a choice of flooring.

Laminate is hard-wearing and easy to maintain and can be used in any living or working area. What’s more, installation is quick and safe – whether for a living room or a child’s room, a hallway or a kitchen. On request, manufacturers can offer planks with useful additional features such as integrated sound insulation to reduce footfall noise, anti-static surface, edge protection or special moisture protection for use in bathrooms and kitchens. And, finally, there is a comprehensive selection of accessories to match any laminate flooring, such as advanced cable routing systems or effective LED lighting that can be recessed into the boards.

elnd1506_b1: Hard-wearing and easy to look after: laminate can be used in any living or working area and installation is quick and secure. – Photo: Haro

elnd1506_b2:  Harmonious and fresh: laminate planks with white limewashed wood effect blend perfectly into the Scandinavian living style. – Photo: wineo

elnd1506_b3:  Laminate – surprisingly different: creative decors incorporating design elements such as sacks of coffee, wine cases or canvas are becoming ever more popular as a choice of flooring. – Photo: Kaindl

elnd1506_b4: Laminate floors in warm grey shades harmonise well with timeless furnishings and light colours. – Photo: Meister

elnd1506_b5:  Dark temptation in oak: this beautifully-structured laminate surface with matt effect has the authentic appearance of wood. – Photo: Kronotex

elnd1506_b6:  Designs to suit every taste: laminate planks from narrow to wide, with styles ranging from tiled to ship’s decking and chateau planks. – Photo: Egger

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