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EPLF at the Floor Coverings in Beijing - European Association of Laminate Flooring Takes on Sponsorship

1 July 2001

The EPLF, Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (registered in Bielefeld, Germany), is the organization of leading European producers of laminate flooring and their suppliers. The association participates for the first time in the Floor Coverings trade show, taking place at the International Exhibition Centre in Beijing from Sept. 10th to 13th, 2001, and also acts as an official sponsor of the trade show. As it is common in Asian markets, the sponsorship includes the idealistic support of the responsible organizers, the CIEC Exhibition Company Ltd., and the use of the association’s logo for advertising purposes. In addition, the EPLF represents itself at the Floor Coverings as part of a symposium with a presentation of the topic of “The European Standard and Marketing Perspectives for Laminate Flooring” (September 11th, 1.30 – 3. 30 p.m.).

Through its participation in the Floor Coverings 2001, which is one of the most important trade shows in China in the field of flooring, the association intends to underline its presence in the Asian market. In 2000, the share of the EPLF members in the global market of laminate flooring was 69 percent. The share in sales in the Asian market held by the EPLF members was 37 percent, or twice the figure of the previous year. At the Floor Coverings 2001 the Asian trade visitors are the primary audience for the EPLF. The association plans to introduce the new European Standard for laminate flooring, to inform on the current developments in the industry and to answer any other questions – in short, it intends to be a source of information on anything that has to do with laminate flooring. Current figures show: China is one of the largest growth markets worldwide. In 2000, the growth rate was 50 percent over the previous year’s figure.

The EPLF sees itself as a contact for questions on laminate flooring. From support of research and development, to creating standards, and intensive exchange of experiences with testing institutes – these are only a few of the tasks the association’s committees work on. It is their declared goal, to create a new conscience on the market for the quality of laminate flooring. The EPLF was the driving force behind the composition of the new European norm for laminate flooring, the EN 13329. This standard specifies the demands that can be made on high quality laminate flooring, and lists - for the first time - in a systematic and complete fashion the tests that are necessary to determine this quality.

International Trade Show Round

The Floor Coverings in Beijing is the fifth international trade show in which the EPLF has participated since the beginning of 2000. In addition to the Domotex (Hanover/Germany) – one of the most important industry trade shows for the European market – the EPLF was present with an information booth at the Bautec (Berlin/Germany), the Saidue (Bologna/Italy) and the Interbuild (Birmingham/U.K.). “With our activities abroad we are always seeking to promote the image of the European laminate flooring industry as a strong partner in the global business of consumer goods,“ says EPLF-managing director Peter H. Meyer. The multitude of contacts it has acquired through the participation in international trade shows supports the road the association has taken. After the Domotex 2001, further participation in trade shows this year include the National Floor Show (Harrogate/U.K.) and the Batimat (Paris/France). In 2002 the Surfaces in Las Vegas (U.S.A.) will be part of the trade show round.

The EPLF offers free information brochures in English, French, and German. You can also visit their website at - loaded with current news on the EPLF and the product laminate flooring it also has a list of current brochures. All brochures can also be ordered online. They are looking forward to answer your requests.

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