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EPLF members re-elect their Board of Directors for another two-year term

9 July 2021

Brussels, 9 July 2021 – During this year’s General Assembly, the members of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association (EPLF), re-elected Max von Tippelskirch (Swiss Krono), Ruben Desmet (Unilin) and Eberhard Herrmann (Classen) to lead the Board of Directors for another two-year term. Georg Kruse from Windmöller was also reappointed as auditor.

“I want to thank all EPLF members for their continuous trust in the leadership of our association. We are looking forward to continuing our work on key topics for the EPLF. One of them surely is to advance the sustainability of our sector. In particular, we are excited to accompany the EPLF’s involvement in the CISUFLO project to further improve the circularity of flooring products,“ stated Max von Tippelskirch (Swiss Krono), president of the EPLF.

Ruben Desmet (Unilin) said: “I think I speak for all Board Members when I say that we are excited to work on the EPLF’s objectives for another two years. We are proud of our strong membership base at EPLF and we aim to encourage even more members to join our association. I am looking forward to another term of great collaboration with current and new members on topics of shared interest.”

Eberhard Herrmann (Classen) also thanked all members for their renewed trust and added: “The Executive Board is committed to continue leading in areas which are crucial for our sector such as sustainability and innovation and to advocate for the high quality and durability of laminate flooring products.”      

The Executive Board is elected by the EPLF General Assembly, the ultimate decision-making body of the association. All ordinary members cast a vote during the meeting which takes place once a year.

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