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EPLF widens its scope to include direct-printed surfaces - Latest decisions from the members’ meeting in Coesfeld

10 June 2005


The EPLF European Producers of Laminate Flooring has widened its scope by admitting companies to membership with expertise in the direct printing of flooring surfaces. This decision was made at the May meeting of members which took place at Parador in Coesfeld (Germany). Within the EPLF and its surrounding there exists a number of companies who have already adapted this technology or who are interested in association membership with this type of product.

The difference between laminate flooring with a direct-printed surface and other laminates lies in the fact that the main (structural) board has the grain pattern or other design printed directly on to this, which is then lacquered. Other floors have the decorative (printed) layer over the main laminate. The experience of this deep, textured grain printing has been gained over a substantial period in the furniture industry, where the printed panels are generally subject to lower levels of stress. Following significantly improved machining technology and lacquer durability, the techniques of direct printing can today be applied effectively in flooring. The association’s view is that this innovative technology applied to flooring, represents a valuable enlargement of the previous applications. The EPLF believes that consumers will readily adopt these products and that direct printed flooring will form a significant product segment within the laminate flooring market.

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