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For the sheer joy of living - Laminate floors bring wood to life

7 September 2006

Wood conveys warmth and security. Laminate floorings don’t just look like wood, they're also made from wood and wood products, such as wood fiber and pulps extracted from wood, such as paper. Did you know that? Whether it’s oak, walnut, cherry, teak or wengé – the range of wood decors for laminate flooring is huge. A mid-brown oak, for example, creates a warm and natural atmosphere for your home and provides that classic country look. The rustic image is complete with a decorative surface that reproduces the authentic structure of the wood with features such as pores and knots. But other wood types can also set the mood superbly. Walnut and cherry – with their reddish-brown coloring – are both natural and elegant. Exotic woods such as teak, palisander and wengé bring a touch of class. And what is more, laminate floorings can replicate these precious woods without a single tree being felled from tropical rainforests.

Environmental support

Wood is one of our planet’s renewable and sustainable raw materials, making laminate flooring a product that’s light on resources. This was confirmed in an eco-efficiency survey undertaken by BASF, the German chemicals giant. Thanks to modern processes, laminate floors can now be recycled. When dismantled as boards, the majority of the floor can be put back into the production process. The boards can even be used in agriculture and horticulture as growing media. Finally, the disposal of laminate flooring is a safe and cost-effective process. It's a product that protects the environment rather than polluting it.

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