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In with the chic whites and greys! The current trends in laminate flooring

18 January 2010

For the laminate flooring industry, 2010 has started off with somewhat different bright looks. It’s rare to see so many bleached, leached or stained surfaces. White and grey are also chic, and not just in the fittings industry. The white-grey tones give laminate flooring a patina, which embodies fully the naturally grown structure of wood or stone surfaces. The colour of creative decors, meanwhile, is much more intense, as vibrant shades of red, green and blue are used in unique designs such as the Paisley pattern or graffiti print.

Oak is and remains the trendsetter among wood decors, but with white or grey patinas that lend the flooring its current used look. Knots and gaps in the wood structure further reinforce this impression. Light woods such as ash or maple are also standing their ground in a number of variations with grey or white effects. Beech has been given a complete makeover, sporting a much more natural and warmer colour than before, and bleached looks are also available here to suit individual tastes. Rustic boards remain a very popular format, and the classic three-strip ship’s deck design also has a strong presence.

Grey-white and green-grey shades are the dominant trends among stone decors, whether used in combination with various decors in a room or the decor surface itself. Shimmering greenish or grey-white marble is currently a very modern choice for stone decors. With its light, natural range of colours, sandstone is yet another trendsetter for laminate flooring. In stark contrast, slate illustrates resistance with its classic, elegant grey shade.

Another current topic in laminate flooring is the concrete look. With its fine pored structure in soft grey tones, it forms the ideal basis for modern furnishing ideas. Alienating white elements also make an appearance here and give the flooring an individual look. Featuring impressive changing effects, metal decors highlight the intensively etched colour of metal.

Since the invention of digital printing at the latest, creative decors have featured among the eye-catchers of laminate flooring. The sector's trade fairs last year showcased unique decors, a trend which is set to continue in 2010. Geometric patterns with stripes, diamonds or circles in soft beige and grey shades and vibrant colours like red, green, blue, turquoise and purple are currently extremely popular. Paisley is another topic on everyone's lips. We all know the twist on the familiar floral motifs seen on scarves and tights, and now, they’ve found their way onto laminate flooring. The range of ideas put forward by designers is inexhaustible. Whether it’s graffiti, tattoos, maps, letters, logos, old posters – we're waiting with anticipation to see what the laminate flooring industry still has to offer. 

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