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“Laminate flooring – Made of wood”

11 January 2020

EPLF unveils new communication showcasing the eco-friendly characteristics of laminate-floorings

Hanover, 11 January 2020 – The board members of the association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring presented today during a press conference at Domotex the organisation’s new communication campaign called “Laminate flooring – Made of wood” that reflects the laminate flooring's high environmental qualities versus its price/performance ratio.

“The aim of the ‘Laminate flooring – Made of wood’ campaign is to act as a myth-buster. Most consumers are not aware of the composition of laminate and think that it is plastic. But this is not true. Let’s set the record straight: our products are made of 80% wood. Wood is one of our planet’s most sustainable and renewable raw materials. With laminate floorings, consumers can do something good for the environment and get a good product at the same time. The consumers don't miss out or give up on quality, they do not need to make a compromise in order to be sustainable. Laminate is simply the best combination”, Max von Tippelskirch (Swiss Krono), President of EPLF, explained during the press conference.

In today's world where environmental and purchasing power concerns are at the heart of economic issues, the “Laminate flooring – Made of wood” campaign has been designed to raise awareness among consumers and retailers: laminate flooring offers consumers one of the best options for their interior design. It also aims at developing and creating an intelligent labelling system that is easy to recognise for consumers while choosing the right floor covering for their home.

With recent and ongoing evolutions, laminate floors are now different from what the market perceives. Over the past years, professionals and engineers have dramatically improved their products to make sure they fit with the consumers' environmental, qualitative and economical requirements. Marketing and sales people will now be tasked to preach the good news to the market to demonstrate the numerous benefits of laminate flooring.

About EPLF: Established in 1994 in Germany, the association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring represents the leading producers of laminate flooring in Europe and their suppliers. The focus of its work revolves around research, development, the introduction of standards and representation at international trade fairs. Its management has moved to Brussels since November 2019.

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