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Laminate in creative designs It doesn’t always have to look like wood

14 April 2008

Sacks of coffee, wine cases, and canvas, 3D design in dazzling greens and blues, high gloss in radiant white, geometric elements on black backgrounds, unrefined cement in beige, gray steel and copper effect etched metal – there are more laminate floors to choose from besides the popular wood effect. Even the wood look has gained new up-to-date surface finishes using abstract technical effects, e.g. white-washed or red-lacquered oak decors. The impressive range of products on show at this year’s key industry trade fairs and now coming onto the market is down to the immense creativity of laminate flooring designers.

The new creative decors are real eye-catchers and form a distinctive individual style in interior design. They can be combined with classic laminate flooring decors but also create a stunning effect when used alone. High gloss in white, for example, provides the ideal foundation for modern kitchen design. Sacks of coffee, wine cases and canvas motifs are trendsetters for the living room or recreation room. Striped decors in shades of natural color are ideal for the hall and office. A new white oak with floral motifs creates romantic impressions in the bedroom or the children’s room, conveying pure emotion and playful elegance. Even denim and leather looks have already appeared as laminate floorings and offer high impact, trendsetting decors for modern interior designers. Laminate flooring in creative designs – for a new feel to living!

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