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New slogan: 'Quality and Innovation made in Europe' EPLF members show their colours on the international market

16 August 2013

Members of the EPLF (Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring) are to use an assertive new slogan: 'Quality and Innovation made in Europe'. Incorporated in the EPLF logo, the new slogan sums up what makes European brand-name manufacturers renowned throughout the world: certified quality, mature technology, excellent usage characteristics, eco-friendliness, and products that are pleasing to the eye and the touch – combined with ever new and creative designs.


Volkmar Halbe, Chairman of the EPLF's Market and Image Committee, says: "Among wholesalers, the EPLF registered trademark has already established itself as a mark of quality in laminate flooring. The new slogan now conveys a clear statement of quality to the customer. The same quality implied by the label is what you'll find inside the product. We are the world's quality and technology leaders, that's our USP. The new slogan enables EPLF members to communicate this pithily and effectively."

Declaring war on fakes

The slogan is intended to identify the exceptional quality of EPLF members, especially in the growing export markets outside Europe.  In some foreign markets, especially China, more and more products are appearing that purport to satisfy load classes specified by the EN-13329 standard – but testing proves that this is not the case. Volkmar Halbe explains: "Cheap imitations put the reputation of the whole laminate flooring industry at risk. We simply will not tolerate this. The EPLF is actively working to counter fake labelling. We hope that the new logo will help to support legal action taken by our members in cases of fake labelling by third parties."

For more information about laminate floors and a list of European brand-name manufacturers which belong to the EPLF, visit and

elne1308_b1:  The EPLF's new slogan: 'Quality and Innovation made in Europe' – Image: EPLF

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