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Pika Retech Teknoloji joins EPLF as Associate Member

27 June 2023

Brussels, 27 June 2023 – EPLF, the European Producers of Laminate Flooring, is glad to announce that Pika Retech Teknoloji has joined the association as of June 2023 as an associate member.

Max von Tippelskirch, President of the EPLF, stated: “We are glad to have Pika Retech take up a seat at the EPLF table as a new member. With great awareness of the Turkish market and a commitment to sustainability, we look forward to discussions on how to best ensure responsible manufacturing and resource optimisation in the laminate flooring industry.”  

“At Pika Retech, we are excited about the opportunity to exchange views with other laminate flooring experts on topics that matter the most to us such as sustainable production, innovation, and responsible business practices” said Sedat Balioglu, Director at Pika Retech.

Pika Retech is a Turkish company first established in 2017, focusing on the supply and development of intermediate raw materials utilised in the wood product industry. One of the company’s flagship products is aluminium oxide, used to increase strength and resistance of laminate flooring. Pika Retech caters to both domestic and international customers while embracing sustainability and promoting durable manufacturing.

With this new addition to the association, EPLF now represents 15 ordinary members, 25 associate members, and 11 supporting members.

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