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Playtime with ducks, bunnies and teddy bears Fun laminate flooring for your child’s bedroom

1 August 2011

Be it colourful or simple, embellished with pictures or patterns, for playing or for learning, modern laminate flooring allows you to give your child’s room a touch of individuality and creativity. Flooring with ducks, bunnies and teddies transforms the bedroom into a miniature zoo, while the “fairy tale flooring” with Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella is sure to appeal to story-lovers. Laminate flooring turns smart ideas into reality.


Different-coloured laminate tiles can be combined as you wish to create an interesting design in your child’s room. Blue, green and white make for a particularly lively room; red and black can also be combined to create the same effect. The black surface can even be painted, as the sealed surface of laminate flooring is extremely hard-wearing. With regular care, the flooring is also suitable for allergy-sufferers, as dust and dirt cannot penetrate.

Whether you opt for a patterned floor, combine different colours or choose a neutral wood decor, laminate always cuts a fantastic figure in your child’s room. Flooring with a light wood finish, for instance, contrasts beautifully with colourful furniture, but vibrant beech and oak decors are also ideal. Because laminate is mainly made from wood and can be recycled, it is more than just beautiful and hard-wearing; it’s eco-friendly too. There’s more to laminate than meets the eye!

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