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Pure structure! Laminate flooring in 2011 – etched, bleached, stained, leached

17 January 2011

The new laminate floors that will be the sensation of 2011, are characterised by visual depth and distinctive structures. The focus is on both light, elegant wooden decors, such as ash tree and elm tree and rustic looks in oak or walnut. The woods are often visually altered by greyish-white colours, creating the popular, typical old-wood design. Oak is currently the preferred trendwood, and with new exclusive texture-styles, such as, for example “saw cut”, its finely chased surface resembles freshly cut wood. This style is the ultimate trendsetter as a “country house” floorboard.


The innovative variety of these surface textures aims at one thing: Lending laminate flooring even more visual expression. In combination with natural haptics, it lets one forget that it differs from real wood. Whether they have been etched, bleached, stained or leached – the new wooden decors create a unique room atmosphere and fit our contemporary puristic furnishing style perfectly. „Seagrey“ is an adequate term to describe the colour trend of the coming season, since the new laminate floors are presenting the multifarious light and dark facets of a continuously moving water surface. Of course, there are also many classical wooden decors in warm, medium-brown natural tones, creating more textural effects than ever before.

The surfaces are either ultra-matt or high-gloss, extreme is the theme. This also applies to the dimensions of wide, long planks (approx. 240 x 2.200 mm) and long narrow planks (approx. 160 x 2.200 mm) which innovatively accentuate the floor. The classical „country house“ board (approx. 200 x 2000 mm), however, is still the most popular choice and is currently establishing itself as the trend format for laminate flooring. While the “ship’s deck” look that made laminate flooring famous in the 90s had been out of style for a while, it is now experiencing a comeback. Three-strip-pattern decors, especially in woods such as alder, ash and elm create a good look on the floor. A brand new deal are formats of various lengths that are combined with each other in one laminate floor plank in a patchwork-like pattern, creating the perfect synthesis of rustic board and strip design. 

Textile formats with textile- or metal finishings

Along with various attractive stone finishes, in 2011, tiles will be designed in textile designs in diverse grey shades, as well as in concrete-and metal finishes made of zinc, chrome and copper, or high-gloss white uni-decors. Along with the private living area, laminate flooring of this kind is often used in object construction, where large rooms enable it to show its full potential. In terms of stone decors, sandstone and light slate are the current trendsetters. Just like the wood reproductions, they convince with unique surface textures, which give the impression of visual depth and natural authenticity. This impression is intensified if an all-round V-joint - real or fake - is used.

Also increasingly popular are digitally printed, creative designs that create new furnishing ideas with abstract motives. Here, the popular grey-white theme also plays a major role. However, it is implemented completely different than in wood or stone finishings, e.g. as an offset white stripe design on a cream-coloured background. Geometric patterns dominate the trend in terms of creative decors. Wavy or net-like structures in intense or subtle colours, some of them with a translucent look, create an innovative design. The ideas of these decors are often inspired by mother nature and visually altered with a computer. Modern digital printing technology makes it possible to print such ideas – even in small lot sizes. Thereby, individual customer wishes can be fulfilled. Laminate flooring simply is the all-rounder among floor coverings. 


Parador: Saw-cut pine countryhouse floorboard (elnd1009_b1)
Meisterwerke: Grey textile-finshed tile (elnd1009_b2)
MeisterWerke: Oak saw-cut country house floorboard (elnd1009_b3)
Parador: Natural, aged ash tree country house floorboard (elnd1009_b4)    
Witex: White high-gloss (elnd1009_b5)
Witex: White Flowers White (elnd1009_b6)

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