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Sustainability and circularity EPLF adopts a new mission, vision and logo

17 July 2020

Brussels, 17 July 2020 – The members of the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) adopted a new vision, mission and logo. After celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2019, members decided to revisit the purpose of the association to ensure continued relevance given the context they operate in today and their ambition for the laminate flooring industry.

A new vision

Max von Tippelskirch (Swiss Krono Group), Chairman of the Board, stated that “The new vision of EPLF, ‘enabling a sustainable laminate flooring industry’, expresses our ambition to support our members in continuously improving the sustainability and circularity of their products and processes; provide them with market and policy insights to inform their strategies and adapt to an ever more green-conscious consumer. This shift will guide our future choices in terms of activities or services to our members”.

A new mission
With its new mission, ‘raise awareness about the benefits of laminate flooring and represent the interests of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring’, EPLF aims to strengthen the reputation of laminate flooring, by raising awareness around its core characteristics (made with wood, sustainable, circular) and focus on its members. To do so, EPLF will:
•    EDUCATE by providing information on the product and the industry
•    PROMOTE the reputation of laminate flooring and the industry
•    LEVERAGE the wealth of expertise of the network
•    FOSTER the highest quality for laminate flooring through standardisation

A new logo, from wood to flooring
With a renewed vision and mission, came the need to adopt a logo to support the evolution of the association and tell the story of laminate flooring.

The logo conveys three essential messages. Firstly, laminate is ‘Made with Wood’, a sustainable and renewable raw material. Secondly, laminate is a circular product. It contributes to minimising waste by using wood waste from the sawmill industry and it can be easily recycled after usage. The round shape of the logo symbolises the circularity of wood. Thirdly, the logo is to be seen as a quality-stamp for products made in Europe (symbolised by the stars of the European flag), as EPLF members fulfil the highest European quality and environmental standards.

“Sustainability and circularity are important for us and our customers, so with this new logo, the EPLF has decided to highlight these features of laminate flooring. The new tagline is a reminder that laminate is made with 80% wood.

The launch of our new logo is an opportunity to renew the image of the product and actively showcase its environmental aspects,” said Ruben Desmet (Unilin), Deputy Chairman of the association.

By adopting a new vision, mission and logo, EPLF is aligned with its members’ expectations and has clear objectives for the future.  

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