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The EPLF Information Brochures - The right decision for your floor

1 March 1999

"Live More Elegantly with Laminates" Modern laminate flooring - hard wearing and easy to care for - are gaining a growing interest everywhere. A wide range of interesting décors make it possible to furnish living rooms and business premises tastefully and individually. The EPLF information brochure "Live More Elegantly with Laminates" contains in detail information about what high quality laminate flooring can offer you

For lasting beauty

"The Cleaning and Care of Laminate Floors"

Whether it is chocolate, nail polish, red wine or shoe cream - laminate floors can stand up to a lot of wear and tear and are easy to care for. Appropriate tips can be found in the new EPLF instruction leaflet "The Cleaning and Care of Laminate floors". It offers an overall view of all the important points to be observed in the care of laminate floors - from basic cleaning to the removal of stubborn stains. Your floor thus remains permanently beautiful.

Professional Laying

"The EPLF Installation for Laying "

Most errors arise during the laying of laminate floors. Therefore, in collaboration with notable flooring institutes, EPLF has published an information leaflet on the elements of laying a laminate floor. As well as general information about the types, properties, storage and transportation, the leaflet points out the rules that should be observed when laying a laminate floor. Special stress is given in this to the various requirements needed for the foundation.

Thus you can recognise quality

"The New European Standard for Laminate Floors"

With the new European standard, which was submitted in August 1998 as a pre-standard and will be passed at the end of 1999, the branch of laminate flooring producers has at its disposal for the first time a quality standard that is valid throughout Europe. An important point in this connection are the new categories of use, which in the future, are to be found depicted on all products through pictograms. For the consumer and the trader this results in more transparency and purchasing security. Important information on this subject is supplied by the new EPLF-Brochure on European Standards.

All the brochures can be ordered free of charge from the following address:

Verband der Europäischen Laminatfubbodenhersteller e.V.
(The Association of European Laminate Floor Producers)
Mittelstr. 50
D-33602 Bielefeld

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