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7 July 2016

The EPLF has redesigned its web presence to create a fresh, up-to-date website using the same familiar address Presented in multiple languages, it has a responsive web design throughout with a dynamic graphic structure so that it can be viewed on all mobile devices. 

Innovative laminate flooring made in Europe is always at the forefront when it comes to technology and design, and it is a good time for the EPLF (European Producers of Laminate Flooring) Association to update its website. As an information and download platform, the new website specifically addresses industry professionals – architects, commercial building contractors & specifiers, skilled craftsmen & trade specialists, manufacturers & subcontractors, and also trade press editors – enabling them to quickly find the content that is aimed specifically at them. And in future, this will be not just in three languages, but nine. In view of the major EPLF markets becoming increasingly decentralised, the Association places great importance on offering a broader range of languages on the web; previously, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Polish were featured but these will shortly be augmented by Russian, Spanish and Turkish. 

A wealth of information, industry-specific documents free of charge    

The main section “Laminate – made in Europe” covers the environment and ecology, quality and innovation, wear classes, installation, laying, underlays, cleaning and care, lifestyle, flexibility, well-being and a brief outline of the history of laminate. In the “Services” section, specialised documents such as all Technical Bulletins issued by the EPLF can be downloaded free of charge. In addition, answers to general questions about laminate flooring can be found under the headings “FAQ” and “Laminate A-Z”. Those wishing to know more can contact EPLF experts directly via the contact form. 

Another interesting topic included in the website is the worldwide sales trend for the European producers within the Association. Clicking on “Market” will take you to the statistics published annually by the EPLF. General information on the structure, objectives and work of the EPLF is included under the “Association” menu item, where all member companies are listed. To find out what’s new from the EPLF, all press information (including images) is available for viewing or direct download in the “Press” section. A lot has also happened behind the scenes of the EPLF website. For example, the members-only section has been equipped with a Newsletter facility and up-to-date association management software which allows members not only to access key meeting and project documents, but from now on it will also offer quick and convenient online registration for all Association meetings and sessions.

The EPLF has redesigned its web presence to create a fresh, up-to-date website using the same familiar address – Graphic: EPLF

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