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(End user title) New floor - new living comfort! Renovating is easy with Laminate

10 October 2014

Not just in clothes and hair, one would like to have a new look also in one's own four walls from time to time. To set new accents at home it is not necessary to modify the entire apartment. Atmosphere and look can be significantly improved with a new floor cover. Modern laminate floors provide many creative options. With their minimal thickness and practical click technique they prove to be extremely easy for renovations. Clever handymen can simply lay the boards themselves.


The suitable laminate is available in trade for every design style. The huge selection of trendy wood, stone or creative decors hardly leaves anything to be desired: the colour spectrum ranges from light to dark, the surface from smooth to noticeably structured, and the format from the complete tile through to a generous chateau plank. The environmentally produced laminate planks have an excellent eco-balance and are characterised by robustness, simple handling and easy care. It is recommended to look at the packaging prior to purchasing the floor: The "CE-mark" or the EPLF logo "Quality and Innovation made in Europe" indicate a high quality, certified product according to European standards.

The usage classes 21 to 23 are intended for residential use and classes 31 to 34 for industrial use. Thus, laminate of usage class 23 is suitable for intensively utilised areas such as kitchen or hallway.

Once the desired floor is delivered, it is recommended to allow the planks to adjust to the ambient temperature and humidity for one or two days. The correct preparation of the underground prior to commencement is vital: laying can begin when all unevenness have been removed and the underground has no gaps and is free from dust. A vapour barrier for the protection from rising damp is required on mineral material such as screed, concrete or stone. A suitable footfall insulation – already integrated into the plank or laid separately – reduces the development of echo and keeps your neighbour happy. The manufacturer's information advises you about the type of lose insulation to build up the floor (e.g. over floor heating system). A free-of-charge info flyer from the EPLF association is available at and also provides you with helpful hints.

Planks are usually laid parallel to the light incidence in the room. The largest window can be used as a guideline in case of several windows. If you are not sure, initially place a few planks as a test in one or the other direction without the click. The final installation almost becomes child's play with the comfortable click technique. A 10 mm distance should always be kept to walls; an expansion gap is inserted at the centre of the area in rooms of more than eight metres in width. The image of the floor is perfect with matching battens and profiles. A properly laid laminate floor remains beautiful over many years - and can simply be removed at the next renovation.

elnd1411_b1:  Laminate floors combine high quality design and optimal features. The minimal thickness of the planks is a true advantage for renovations and refurbishments. – Photo: Meister
elnd1411_b2:  As quick as this it is possible to bring modern Landhaus feeling into the kitchen with laminate: also larger plank formats can be comfortably and safely laid due to the practical click technique. – Photo: HARO
elnd1411_b3:  Clean installation without waiting time: Laminate floors with click technique can be used immediately after installation. – Photo: wineo
elnd1411_b4:  Attractive floor optic also in the bedroom: the healthy-living laminate is extremely low maintenance and creates a pleasant atmosphere. – Photo: Kaindl

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