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2023 Trends report

8 December 2022

Laminate flooring 2023 trends: Oak is the essence

Brussels, 8 December 2022 – In 2023, the laminate flooring industry will continue its journey through Scandinavia and the Nordics. The trends continue to lean towards more durable and natural designs. With this in mind, EPLF members are committed to come with new original design and technologies that will fulfil the clients’ expectations. Next year’s trends will prioritize natural colours, textures and materials that will translate how important sustainability has become for customers who seek authenticity and lifetime performance.

It is all about oak

Manufacturers tend to stay away from cold grey tones homes and playful eye-catching decors that consumers are leaving out of their homes. Designs remain very close to the original wood patterns with authentic, light, friendly, and fresh decors, with natural matte texture as well as subtle knots, that translate a harmonious look. Blond, natural brown, whitened oak colours will please the customer’s eye and recreate a natural and warm cosy cocoon at home. Whether we talk about colours or the material, raw oak is the consumer’s favourite. The aim is to create calmer and more harmonious decors from light, pure natural tones through to nutmeg brown tones. However, some members already see the first signals and interest in wood types beyond oak. Stay tuned, 2024 might introduce some surprises…

When it comes to the formats, the herringbone patterns continue to be popular on the market. Additionally, wider formats become more fashionable as they help create a calmer appearance in the interiors.

The current trends reflect the consumer’s desire to create a haven at home where one feels safe and protected from external aggressions.

Innovation is in the laminate flooring’s “DNA”

Whether it is noise reduction, water resistance or sustainability, laminate flooring manufacturers are at the forefront of research to ensure quality floors. This is a strong

selling point to convince customers. Our members produce an increasing number of water-resistant products to meet customers’ desire to include more and more wood in rooms that previously did not.

Sustainability is more than ever at the heart of our members’ concerns as they contribute to building a more circular economy. They focus on supplying authentic, environmentally friendly, as well as lifetime performant products. This is captured in the EPLF Made With Wood campaign, which showcases the environmental properties of laminate flooring.

All those efforts have only one goal: continue to make laminate one of the best performing products on the market.

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