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2024 Trends report

8 December 2023

Where style meets sustainability

Brussels, 8 December 2023 – In 2024, the laminate flooring industry will continue to embrace the warm and cosy aesthetic, given that the prevailing trends lean towards natural and tranquil designs. Besides the comforting visual appeal, the journey of product innovation will prioritise waterproof, durable, and sustainable laminate flooring. With this vision in mind, EPLF members are committed to introducing new original designs and technologies to meet client expectations. The trends for the upcoming year will emphasize natural, warm, and sandy colour palettes, alongside natural and matte textures, and technologies that underscore the association's sustainability commitment. 

Embracing nature 

Next year, manufacturers will persist in embracing calm, warm, and natural design elements. The industry keeps moving towards greige and raw wood colours, reducing the emphasis on rustic and knotless designs. Warm oak continues to enjoy popularity, with regards to both colours and materials. The objective is to create calmer and more harmonious decors, ranging from honey and walnut tones to darker brown shades. Nonetheless, some manufacturers already see the first signals and interest in wood types beyond oak, with walnuts and pine making their mark. Other wood species like beech and larch are gaining importance. In terms of finishings, the main goal is to achieve realism in surfaces, with a strong demand for matte and natural aspects.  

Clean lines and large patterns 

Regarding formats, there is a strong demand for longer planks and unconventional shapes, although the herringbone pattern remains a popular choice. The incorporation of geometric patterns, as well as stone and marble designs also highlight the desire for natural and harmonious decor.  The trend of larger sizes, unusual formats, and softwood designs also underlines a demand for easy and fast installation of flooring. 

Improving water-resistant technology 

Laminate flooring manufacturers lead the charge in researching quality floors that align with key technological trends. Water-resistant laminate is becoming increasingly popular and is expected to be part of the standard range offered by the industry. EPLF members are producing an increasing number of water-resistant products to meet the growing demand for including more wood in areas that previously did not, such as kitchens and bathrooms. This is a testament to the industry’s investment in innovative technology and its understanding of the needs expressed by their customers. 

Where innovation meets sustainability 

Sustainability is now more than ever a central concern for our members, as they actively contribute to the cascading use of wood while fostering a circular economy. Sustainability takes centre stage with a strong emphasis on resource preservation. Reduced laminate thickness is a strategy to save resources and material costs. The members of EPLF privilege natural packaging, eco-label certifications, and product longevity. The objective is to deliver durable products featuring water-resistant mechanical locking systems as eco-friendly alternatives. 

Resilience in chaotic times 

The whole construction sector is facing challenges, with high inflation rates and increased raw material and energy cost. While the laminate sector is not immune to these challenges, there is a growing interest in laminate flooring driven by increasingly positive acknowledgement of our products’ sustainability, design, and durability. Laminate has been proven to be a well-suited solution, offering an environmentally friendly, realistic, and cost-effective choice. 

As EPLF looks towards 2024, the members of the association recognise the need to adapt to these trends to meet customer expectations and contribute to a more sustainable future. The focus is on authenticity, environmentally friendly products, and resource-efficient solutions. EPLF remain committed to leading the industry in research, development, and sustainability.  

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